Blogs That Matter

The following are blogs that I visit frequently, as well as some helpful bloggin' websites.

Dr. Blogger (Big Name Blogs Worth a Visit)


  • Bloghorreah & GGTH

  • Boing Boing

  • Curbed (NYC)

  • The Daily Kos

  • The Gothamist (NYC)


  • Jay Rosen’s PressThink

  • Maddox, "The Best Page..."

  • Maud Newton

  • Overheard in NY

  • The Smirking Chimp

  • ZuDfunck

  • Blog & Tonic (Cool Blogs & Friends)

  • Alec Teferiffic

  • Andrew Rilstone, Gentleman

  • Arizona Perspective & Junk


  • Catoptrophobe Nightmare (NY journal)

  • Dialogic

  • Don't Touch the Feet (Toronto)

  • Dumpster Bust (California)

  • Film Geeks

  • Fistful of Fortnights (Oklahoma)

  • Flaming Duck (Republican)

  • Itly Pongal Vadai Sambar (India, in English)

  • I'm Not Crunchy!

  • My Meandering Thoughts


  • The Satirical Political Report (With Don Davis)

  • Short Notes

  • Smack Speaks

  • The Sorest Loser

  • Space Coast Weblog (Florida)

  • Swing Batter Batter! (England)

  • Tales from the Dorkside

  • Technudge

  • Universal Acid

  • Witnit

  • X-Ray Spex (Comics & TV)

  • The Best Blogs...

  • Newish Blogs...

  • Blog Cordials (Blogging Tools and Propaganda)

  • Blog Explosion

  • BlogHop

  • Blog: Hot or Not?

  • Blogroll Me!

  • BlogShares

  • Blog Showcase

  • BlogThings

  • NYC Bloggers Map

  • TLB Ecosystem

  • The Weblog Review

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