New Blog Carnival Showcase Extravaganza No. 2

The following are all brand-new blogs -- except for a few that aren't really brand new, but are still kinda new, so I've included them in this showcase anyway, 'cause I like 'em.

Please, check these sites out; be kind and give a couple of them a link or blogroll 'em; and email them some comments and suggestions while they're still young and impressionable.

(Hint: If you'd rather not leave Celebrity Cola while looking at the various blogs in the showcase, simply hold down on the SHIFT key on your keyboard while clicking on any of the links below. That way, the blogs will open up in a new window.)

And now, let the showcase begin! This is all good stuff:

Arizona Perspective and Junk covers news and events, uniquely Arizona info, and other interesting things (such as science, culture, cooking, and the arts).

Bobo Blogger rants about a lot of stuff, including the recent suit filed on behalf of Tsunami victims.

Catoptrophobe Nightmare is the online journal of a NYC law student, with the usual roundup of news and rants.

Circadiana is a blog dedicated to the study of biological timing, including circadian (and other) rhythms and clocks, as well as the biology of sleep.

Don't Touch the Feet is a mixture of personal rants, musings on celebrity culture, and "things about my friends that make me laugh" -- all sprinkled with appropriate doses of outrage and humor, and tended to "with the care of an orchid gardener."

Flaming Duck is the home of a Virginia-based, Republican, ex-navy nuclear submarine sailor, who is now working in local government. The blog comments on global, national, and local news and politics, while explaining why the U.S. political system is better than anyone else's.

At Haiku 4 You, Mr. Haiku writes a new poem every day (in the epigrammatic Japanese verse form of three short lines, of course). The haikus document everything from personal events to the death of Hunter S. Thompson, with useful links embedded in the verse.

HerWryness attempts to find "fulfillment and the forbearance of faith while living with Fibromyalgia, Fatigue and Arthritis." Also, discover why she is "tired to death of the word journey."

Hill Country Views is composed of ramblings from the Texas hill country, from a self-proclaimed "liberal conservative." Read his article on the "Surprising and Unreported Trend In Family Size."

Komputa Muso (The Musings on a Theme of "Sod Themes" Sorta Theme) is from some funny Irish bloke who does go on about anything and everything... including the urination habits of men in public bathrooms.

Liberty Cadre is a United Kingdom-based libertarian site that offers positive, practical suggestions on how to help the U.K. Libertarian cause, as well as focusing on liberty issues in
and the world beyond.

Lockjaw's Lair writes about politics and current events, including the difference between the "Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Blogosphere."

Maggie's Farm is an eccentric, idiosyncratic blog concerning news and politics, written from the perspective of "skeptical, politically centrist" humans and animals.

My Meandering Thoughts explores love, politics, and personal musings in an attempt to "start a dialogue with people from other countries and cultures." covers topics important to atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists ("the world's fourth largest belief system with 850 million people") in a format that seems to be part blog and part traditional website resource.

Dean Abbott's Notes and Meditations is devoted to pop culture, travel, science, religion, technology, the arts, and history -- but Dean also gives a thorough analysis of what Debbie Gibson appearing in Playboy really means.

Pratie Place doesn't "write about Iraq or kitties," opting instead to cover such diverse topics as religion in Transylvania, strange verbs in England, and the demolishing of the Great Wall of China.

Quid Nimis ("something in excess") is a political blog with a dash of humor. For instance, the site wonders if a woman wearing a short skirt can really be called "torture."

Slipshod and Simple chronicles the whims and opinions of a frustrated writer living in East Hampton, NY. With a bit o' wit, he drops info on everything from TV to technology.

The Sorest Loser answers questions such as "Should Steroids be Illegal?" and "Is Our Military Targeting Journalists?" with thoughtful, original essays.

Stupid Beautiful Lies is the "outlet for a twenty-something musician hidden deep in the nation of Canada," tracking such diverse topics as a scientist finding God (this story appears to be a fake, hoax, or misleading meme) and why Mediocrity Sells.

Technudge is an "irreverent smack at technology with sprinklings of puns and humor" from the former writer of the old Hard Edge column at Computer Shopper (as well as being the Bill at, which was written with Alice Hill from Real Tech News).

Universal Acid is about biology and politics and covers such topics as the non-existent link between the MMR vaccine and autism, the reasons one might have for opposing reproductive cloning, and the Larry Summers "innate gender differences" and science controversy.

Witnit takes "humorous analysis of relatively inconsequential things to a hyperbolic extreme."

And, finally, WuzzaDem keeps a close and satiric eye on the world of politics and the political media, with posts such as "Eason Jordan's Checkered Past."


New Blog Carnival Showcase Extravaganzas have been or will be hosted by the following blogs in 2005:

Feb 14 - Simon World
Feb 21 - Lucas Brachish
Feb 28 - Karin
Mar 7 - Sadie
Mar 14 - Josh Cohen
Mar 21- Snooze Button Dreams
Mar 28 - Mookie
April 4 - Disintegrator
Apr 11 - Ogre's View
Apr 18 - Nerf Coated World
May 9 - Baboon Pirates

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KL said...

Oh Cool! can't wait to read them.

VARepublicMan said...

You put a lot of work into the post. Thanks for your efforts in hosting the showcase.

KL said...

Wow! Great job, Lucas. Congratulation.

Also thanks for liking my blogs :). Bengali is my mother tongue -it's a language spoken by the native speakers of the state of West Bengal in India. Calcutta is the capital of this state. I guess you might have heard about this city - Mother Teresa was based there.

Oddybobo said...

Thanks for the link! You have some great stuff here!

Dean said...

Thanks a lot, Lucas.

HerWryness said...

Hey Lucas-
Thank You. I really like the artwork on your site. Is it original? What's the story, bub?

Anselm said...

Nice work! Looks like a broken link here though: "practical suggestions on how to help the U.K. Libertarian cause" in the Liberty Cadre mention.
Thanks for the effort.

mr. haiku said...

the showcase showdown?
mr. haiku made the list!
excited? yup. yup.

Cheryl said...

lovin the haiku.
thanks. we are all poets now.
writing life-haikus.

immigrantsun said...

oh golly! teetering between performance anxiety and overweaning pride! excitement! thanks!

Lucas Brachish said...

Some nice coverage of this blog showcase can be found here:

Pratie Place: The New Blog Carnival Showcase.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Lucas, me boy, you have found my epitaph - "some funny Irish bloke who does go on about anything and everything"!

I'm not entirely sure that to go on means the same with you as it does in Ireland, if someone 'goes on' it means they witter indeterminably, so you got it exactly right!!

'Agitator, Editor, Insomniac' - have I found my spiritual blog brother?

Thanks for the link Lucas, and well done!


Lucas Brachish said...

I seem to finally have all of the links to the Liberty Cadre posts (in the Showcase, above) working properly now ... so please check that site out if you get a chance ...

And thank you everyone for your kind comments!