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So, there came a time when I needed to find some readers for this horrible beast of a blog of mine... Blogsearchengine.com perhaps? Or Blogwise.com? Popdex.com? Sure...

And BlogCritics (see below) hasn't brought me a ton of traffic, but it has gotten me quality readers. Similarly, I'm panning on posting excerpts from my movie-related posts to a journal at RottenTomatoes' The Vine (each excerpt links back to its full Celebrity Cola post, thus increasing exposure for the entries).

Also, I'm finally listed on Google (when I first posted this, I couldn't even search my own site with the "blogger search" listed at the top of this page). Previously, most other search engines (such as Yahoo and MSN Search) would only use my main page (and sometimes my main archive pages) for search results, so relevant individual pages were not returned when people searched for info that should have led back to my site.

As of January 2005, things improved somewhat.... at least on Google and Yahoo (MSN continually ignores me) .... Although, strangely, in early February 2005, Google stopped returning relevant search results for my website for a week or more, with only my main page appearing instead of my individual articles and archives -- my Google traffic became lower than it was months before, even though I had a lot more content in my archives. This has happened at other times as well, but Feb 2005 was the worst, with a full week of zero relevant Google hits.

Oddly, I began getting a lot of new Yahoo traffic at the exact same time as my Google hits dropped off. I'm not the only one suffering, apparently, as Google is now ignoring many others as well ..... Although I haven't figured out the problem, the ideas on Scribbling.net's "Help the Googlebot understand your web site" post sound promising ...

I'm also using the following:

Blog Directory & Search engine

Submit your site to 300 search engines free! ... and ... Blogarama ... Search4Blogs ... ... YourWeblogHere's Weblog Directory (a directory of blogs from all around the world) ... and ... Eatonweb Portal ... Blogdigger ... NewsIsFree ... PubSub ... LinkWhore ... RaginHits ... Blogclicker Signup ... Blogclicker Surfing Link ... and Conservative Cat's multiple Carnival Submit Form (including The BestOfMeSymphony) ... various weekly carnivals ...

Subscribe with Bloglines

BlogRolling.com's "Blogroll Me!"

Truth Laid Bear's Ecosystem ... and ...

Blog Catalog
Blog Explosion
BlogHop, ratings
Blog: Hot or Not?
BlogShares, simulated blog futures market
GetBlogs Directory
Globe of Blogs
LS Blogs
NYC Bloggers Map (This site doesn't seem to update very often -- I waited months to get listed. But it's a very nifty design and well worth the wait.)
QuackTrack, blog index
Robin Good's Best Blog & RSS Directories
The Weblog Review

SHAS3.com - Listed

And Celebrity Cola is listed on High Class Blogs under the heading "Pop Culture & fun cool stuff"


Regrettably, it took me almost a year to get a single listing in the DMOZ Open Directory Project, which is probably the most important place to get any website listed, since an entry on DMOZ/ODP will eventually lead to links being added to dozens (maybe even hundreds) of other important directories and search engines.

In early may of 2005, I finally earned a spot in the Open Directory's Arts/Entertainment/Weblogs category along with 27 other delightful blogs. Let's hope it lasts. (The entry reads, "Celebrity Cola - NYC-based writer scribes under a pseudonym about politics, film, and the media.")

I also got a couple of okay reviews at The Weblog Review, the opinions of which might inform future updates of Celebrity Cola. And some very cool little blogs have linked me over the past year, which hasn't lead to a lot of traffic but at least let's me know I have some smart readers lurking among all the anonymous visitors.


BlogCritics.org is a great way to gain some exposure for your blog and your writing.

Below is a summary of all Celebrity Cola articles mirrored on BlogCritics. The links contain variations on stories that also appear on CelebrityCola.blogspot.com; however, different comments and discussions may be attached. This list will be updated semi-regularly:

  1. A Roundup of Film Reviews for 2004

    Despite dozens of respectful, worshipful reviews, I've been hearing very mixed reactions on the street for the new Eastwood film... (Filed under: Video, Music: Classic Rock and Oldies, Review, Video: Action, Video: Comedy, Video: Crime, Video: Drama, Video: Foreign Language, Video: Horror, Video: News, Video: Suspense)

  2. Books by Crichton and Whitman Are Both Shards of the Science/ Religion/ Politics Battle

    A tiny segment of the global population has been waging an effective war against environmental awareness for years, warping hundreds... (Filed under: Books, Books: Nonfiction, Books: Politics and Affairs, Books: Thriller, Culture/Tech: Media, Culture/Tech: Science and Health, Politics: Law)

  3. Name Droppings (a movie and screening review of After the Sunset)

    I didn't make it into any of these wire/Getty images.... shunned by the press once again, I am. And, normally... (Filed under: Video, Video: Action, Video: Adventure, Video: Comedy, Video: Crime, Video: Romantic Comedies)

  4. The Aviator Review; Plus DiCaprio & Alda in Person; and Notes on Kill Bill

    A few nights ago I attended a screening of The Aviator, followed by a Q&A session with... (Filed under: Video, Culture/Tech: Humor and Satire, Video: Action, Video: Adventure, Video: Comedy, Video: Drama, Video: Film and TV Business, Video: Thriller)

  5. U.S. Moves to Block Foreign Smokes

    First you were kicked off airplanes, trains, and buses, then banned from restaurants, then... (Filed under: Culture, Politics: Law, Culture/Tech: Science and Health, Culture/Tech: Business and Economics)

  6. Rolling Stone Magazine - Politically Cool Again?

    The mighty world of music journalism has fallen to its broken knees in recent years, at least in the realm... (Filed under: Culture, Books: Entertainment, Books: Politics and Affairs, Culture/Tech: Media, Music: Indie Rock)

  7. 'Dianetics' vs. 'Valis,' Sci-Fi Spiritual Guides

    Philip K. Dick and L. Ron Hubbard were both brilliant philosophical thinkers, but appreciation of their work has been marginalized... (Filed under: Books, Books: Entertainment, Books: Humor, Books: Nonfiction, Books: Philosophy, Books: SF)
Note: A monthly edition of Celebrity Cola can be found by using the following type of URL: Year_Month_01_archive.html (after http://celebritycola.blogspot.com/). Example:

/2004_09_01_celebritycola_archive.html (September 2004 was the first monthly issue of the blog-version of Celebrity Cola.)

However, I'm going to remove the hotlinks to the monthly archive editions because some search engines, including Google, are beginning to not catalogue my individual post pages because they see the aggregated monthly archive pages as being the "real" pages, and only cache them. (You can get a Google "penalty" for having too much duplicate content on your site or between different sites -- the penalty being that Google stops caching a bunch of your pages).


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