God Hates Shrimp, Loves Fake Signs (And Teutonic Dole Bludgers)

I couldn't help myself:

This "Read Celebrity Cola or God will hurt you" sign was generated by CSG, another website from the mad genius behind God Hates Shrimp.

Speaking of comedy, the kids at DirtyBionics have done a great job re-dubbing old He-Man episodes into witty, gay, foul-mouthed epics with their Johnny Whoop Ass series. And put on your glasses for this one, cupcake: The American Human Society is giving away kids as pets. Very nicely done.

If you still haven't had enough DirtyBionics, go enter the "Convert the Atheist Contest" for a chance at a long-shot $1,000. And I thought I was wasting too much time on the web....


And in Germany: Officials have found a way to motivate women from staying on the dole. After 12 months of receiving government-sponsored unemployment benefits, fr├Ąuleins must consider prostitution as a legitimate career path, or their pogey (dole) can be snatched away.

Men are not as likely to be offered sex-trade work, so they can continue arbeitslosenunterst├╝tzung beziehen (living on unemployment benefits) without ever worrying about being forced to whore themselves out. But everyone is in endanger of being obliged into manual labor at fast-food joints—so what’s worse, a brothel or a burger fryer? And, heck, 12 months of full unemployment pay is better than what’s offered in the U.S. or most of the third world. So this doesn’t seem like such a bad deal, other than the evident sexism. And remember, in Deutschland everyone gets healthcare! Even the hookers...

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Anonymous said...

hey there lucas. dig your site. thanks for the link. this is mono from dirtybionics.com to let you know that the american human society is still open for business. it must have been a temporary glitch as i tried the site link from your blog and it worked fine. also just a heads up. episode 5 of johnny whoop ass is about to drop. sorry for the indirect reply, but i don't have our email. give me a shout! dirtyb3( at )dirtybionics.com.