F*ck The South (but love their chicken wings and biscuits)

Having grown up in the South (Florida, in particular) and having so many good Southern friends and relatives, I shouldn't be laughing so hard at this new website:


But I am laughing. Oh, yes, I am.


If it wasn't so scatological, it'd make for a great concession speech for just about any losing Democrat I can think of.

Still, let's not forget that at least 40% of the population in the southern states voted Democrat -- and the South has the best food (Soul, Cajun, BBQ, etc.). So they're not completely evil, the bastards.

And it's not just the Damn Yankees fuming with fear and indignation over the voting habits and moral snobbishness of the bible-thumping Southerners -- "Oh, Lord. Not you again," says Martin Samuel at the UK Times.

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