There's a Gay in My Closet!

In the NY Daily News, in a story headlined "Kerry's gay ploy backfires ," Zev Chafets says "Since the debate, the Christian right has been rallying to the side of Mary Cheney. Well-known political preachers like Jerry Falwell and James Dobson have gone out of their way to defend her right to privacy."

Yeah: They're defending her right to stay in hidden away in a closet, somewhere completely out of site, like any respectable homo should if she has any respect for her God-fearing parents.

Personally, I clapped when Kerry brought up Cheney's daughter. I was like, "Score!" And she's completely fair game, mind you, because she's actively working on the Bush/Cheney campaign -- i.e., as the chief campaign manager for her father, she's a public figure and a member of the camp trying to defeat Kerry. So why can't her mention her sexuality?

She's already out of the closet, and he wasn't smearing her good name.... He was just suggesting that maybe Bush and the Far Right should consider allowing gays to have Equal Rights, just as it would be logical to assume that the Vice President might want his own daughter (and campaign manager!) to have equal rights.

So I'm surprised that the polls have turned on ol' sour-pussed JFK II on this issue. According to numerous reports, supposedly even Democrats and gays are offended that he "stooped that low."

But I'm thinkin': "this guy didn't STOOP. He told it LIKE IT IS." Geez.

But no, the public supposedly doesn't see it that way. And now Kerry is reeling back in the dogs:


Dick's darling daughter, Mary Cheney, has been openly gay for at least a few years now, but it wasn't until recently that her parents finally began admitting it publicly.

In a New York Times piece, entitled "Cheney Daughter's Political Role Disappoints Some Gay Activists," we're reminded that in a "2000 television interview" where Cheney-the-Wife is asked about having having a daughter " 'who has now declared that she is openly gay,' Ms. Cheney quickly responded, 'Mary has never declared such a thing'."

However, the Cheney's have now jumped to Mary's defense, and Dick C is even said to be against the Prez on the Anti-Gay-Marriage-Constitutional-Amendment bit. Who woulda thought that Richard "Halliburton" Cheney would actually turn out to be less evil than good ol' buddy-boy Bush on ANY issue? I guess when it's a family affair it's a different story..... Now if only one of the Bush Twits (er, Twins... I mean, Presidential Daughters) would come out of the closet. Or, better yet, it's high time GWB's mother came out. You can't tell me you never got the vibe.....

And finally, Instapundit Glenn Reynolds has collected more views on how Kerry stepped over the line (I just don't get it - he called the kettle black, stood up for her rights, and then moved on, what was so bad? But then, maybe I'm not the most sensitive guy):

"I think it was a major blunder by Kerry -- especially as his position on gay marriage is the same as the President's."

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