Caffeinated Contents & Luscious Links

For years I'd been carefully organizing the best Celebrity Cola links into a slick CSS/Java/HTML-styled table-of-contents. On the front end, it was just a cool, fast, elegant-looking interface. On the backend, the code was based on the work of Nick Rigby, the Drupal "Nice Menu" project, and others, and I'd layered in some little Easter Eggs of my own.

The menu boiled down hundreds of external and internal links into a little 12-item box that didn't look like much until you hovered over one of the main categories -- at which point the little category arrow would bounce and a whole new list of sub-categories would zoom onto the screen, with sub-sub categories folding out from there. Alright, so maybe that sounds lame. But, no, seriously, it was pretty awesome, as far as text-heavy drop-down/pop-out menus go ;|)

However, it was a pain to update. So I'm finally switching over to the built-in organization and navigation options offered by Blogger (collapsible archive lists, labels/tags, link-lists, news-feeds, etc.).

As a memorandum, I figured I'd drop the latest, greatest, and final version of the old "nice menu" table of contents code into a blog post. However, it's playing absolute havoc with a few of the new Blogger widgets I just added, and various style sheet conflicts are popping up, so I'm throwing in the towel. Instead, here's a really craptacular ol' ol' skool version of the previous Celebrity Cola Table of Contents & Related Hyperlinks:

You Can Put Lipstick On a Frog, But You Can't Make an Amphibian Balance the Budget

Yeah, that's right, I haven't posted anything new here in an eon.... Wanted to, just haven't had the time. But for better or worse, for at least this one post I am so back, tootsie.

Check it out:

A new low for bad comedy? Yowza.

Blame the Brachish.

Luckily, Margery Eagan has a far more intelligent and informative (but still rather witty) take on the "Lipstick" fiasco than I -- read her Boston Herald article, "GOP draws line in the sand in lipstick" after you check out my (s)wine-induced porker of an Election 2008 lark.