Backdoor Friends: Ballerina Book Pirouettes on A** Sex for the Aristocracy

Now that backdoor-lovin’ has become such a standard topic in literature, p*rn, and popular culture, I wonder if gay men will have to resort to vaginal-lovin’ in order to remain hip and edgy.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading about the revelations of an rear-entrance-sex-addict ballerina in the New York Observer's “The Ballerina Who Bent” ... which tells the tale of a semi-distinguished former member of the prestigious New York City Ballet that has written a memoir about the joys of taking it up the bottom ("The Surrender"). It’s like an episode of Howard Stern, only with class.

The great thing about the Observer story is how the author, Alexandra Jacobsit, subtly makes the dancer in question, ç, seem like she has a neurotic fixation with her former mentor, George Balanchine. I don’t think he ever got a piece of her bum, but she drops his name every five minutes.

According to the Observer, both Bentley and plastic-surgery-obsessed porn-celebrity-model-thing Jenna Jameson (who has also written an anal-heavy memoir, "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale") have only done the back-door with 2 or 3 guys apiece (or so they say in their new not-tell-all-but-tell-lots books), but with the fellows they DID do it with, they did it a LOT. The ballerina babe being especially keen for getting her booty pounded by Mr. Right, as she proves by keeping all her used secret-brown-button sex condoms in "a beautiful, tall, round, hand-painted, Chinese lacquered box."

Sounds like a good, wholesome ass book, right? And it's a high-time for erotic memoirs, what with Melissa P.'s top-selling true-tale a of a teen gone naughty Euro hit, "100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed", making such a big splash in the U.S. now.

A few years ago, Toni Bentley also wrote (among other works) an article in the LA Times all about why the Dance World shouldn't allow affirmative action for Fat Girls: “Counterpunch: Critic's Argument for Heftier Dancers is Thin.” It’s a serious piece, but I find it quite funny (Quote: "Should round little girls be admitted to professional ballet schools?"). After all, fat girls in tutus are always funny -- and always dancing through my head.


I'd included an excerpt from Bentley's bang-it-in-my-buns bedroom tell-all below, since the link to the official excerpt keeps breaking. I'd hoped I wouldn't anger the copyright gods by using this material, since I'm, uh, doing this as, uh, a literary public service and everything.... And after several years I never got a single complaint, until 2010, when Google Adsense wrote me to say that the subject matter of the text on this page was in "violation" of their policies and my account may be disabled if I didn't remove the "sexually explicit text." So, I've removed the text and instead linked to the same excerpt in the Google Books database (I guess it's okay for Google Books to violate Google Adsense's sexually-explicit-memoir ballerina-sodomy policies):

"The Surrender : An Erotic Memoir," by Toni Bentley

Chapter Excerpt from Chapter One

This pleasure is such that nothing can interfere with it,
and the object that serves it cannot, in savoring it, fail to
be transported to the third heaven. No other is as good,
no other can satisfy as fully both of the individuals who
indulge in it, and those who have experienced it can revert
to other things only with difficulty.

His was first. In my a**.


The foregoing is excerpted from "The Surrender" by Toni Bentley (via Google Book's copy of Mitzi Szereto's "The World's Best Sex Writing 2005," page 77). All rights reserved, HarperCollins Publishers, ReganBooks, Thunder's Mouth Press, Avalon Publishing, etc. More links to articles concerning this book and interviews with the dancin', prancin', sex-lovin' author can be found under the heading "Rectal Romance" at the FleshBot.

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